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Sales and volume rose 4 per cent in 2015
2016/3/12 17:28:20

Sales and volume rose 4 per cent in 2015


GfK's two leading pet analysts reported that global pet food retail sales grew 4 per cent in 2015 to a total of around $70 bn, according to the newsletter of the US-based magazine Petfood Industry. Then Alltech released its annual global feed survey, which included data showing the worldwide dry pet food volume reached 22.59 mio metric tons, also a 4 per cent increase over 2014.

North America is still the largest pet food region, with $27 bn in sales. Europe ranks second, but as a region is still seeing only slight growth overall, with sales totalling $20 bn in 2015. Most other pet food markets highlighted by GfK enjoyed growth in 2015, including Argentina ($1 bn in sales), Brazil ($5 bn), South Africa ($300 mio), Russia ($1.5 bn), China ($1.3 bn), Australia ($2 bn) and India ($200 mio). While Japan is once again the second largest pet food market, with 2015 sales of $6 bn, Japan's pet food sales are definitely stagnant, GfK said.

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